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Pregnancy - Rebirth: Evolution of Consciousness

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PostPosted: Sun May 11, 2014 11:55 pm    Post subject: Pregnancy - Rebirth: Evolution of Consciousness Reply with quote

Old energies are now being transformed into new energies.

It hurts at times and if we resist it hurts even more.
We are cleansing old energies that are low vibrational masculine.

Note: divine masculine is very powerful, but low vibrational masculine focuses on war, control, greed.

High vibrational masculine is more in tuned and recognizes the divine feminine which is nurturing, healing, loving, peace, open heart. Our physical bodies are also transforming and best thing to do allow the transformation into higher dimensions.

The entire summer, I could swear I was pregnant.

All the messages from Spirit I got were about being pregnant.
All the symptoms of pregnancies were present: vomiting, nausea, putting on weight, bloating, cravings etc...

Since lasts solar eclipse and Venus transit all these high energetic happenings on our planet caused me to be pregnant but not on the physical level.
It is beyond crazy, I know… Don’t even ask me what I have been through…

So, during the insanity of this past summer I had different pregnancy tests done, even went to emergency, because I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. The results were negative but symptoms of pregnancy so obvious.

I usually don't like to share my intimate life on such deep levels, but Spirit asked me to share. By sharing this I hope that some if not many of you will benefit from it and help to stay sane as energies are mind blowing.

In the midst of this insanity I asked for relief.

One day Spirit guided us to go to Mexico/Maya to find answers while visiting the pyramids.
After doing some past live work there (really shaky stuff) I started to remember things and got messages about my 'pregnancy'.
The message that came very clear was: death and rebirth - the birth into radiant light.

I was supposed to experience:

* being pregnant with my new self
* our mothers and grandmothers pregnancies
* how is to be a woman who carries life
* rebirth of Mother Earth

How many of you resonate with this?

More women who are sensitive to energies experience some sort of rebirth these days: some have similar symptoms, some different.

Many of us feel at times that we want to leave the body to go home...
It is a tremendous amount of light that is being received by the body.
The light cleanses the pain body and this can be perceived as suffering.
We can only experience the original creation by being fully in the body.

Do not be afraid by going into your own shadows as there are many hidden treasures.

Everyone I know who has evolved to a very high level of the self went through rough times, and when I say rough I mean it...
This only makes you stronger: literally what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

And yes Love and Light is who we are...

However be aware that by focusing on love and light only you might refuse to go into the pain and face it.
That keeps you trapped in illusion.
There is the shadow side that needs work in order to feel unity. When we go into own darkness without being afraid we not only reach the light but we are able to radiate light to others...

Accept challenges and suffering and ask Spirit for gentleness and grace in the process...
Feel your emotions in your body, don't analyze them, just allow the feeling.
Congratulate yourself because you are expanding into a new consciousness. It's a blessing in disguise.

Why this timing is so powerful and also important?

We are all transforming: there is no question about that.
The more we are exposed to pain in this transformation, the more darkness (individual as well as ancestral) darkness is released.

For example if in our family women were put down, disrespected, not heard, ignored, etc these days things are changing massively.
We go through very deep emotional pain. The pain is sometimes our own from the past but also we feel the pain and suffering of our ancestors.
It is not fun and never easy.

But by allowing to fully experience this in the body and recognize it we allow it to transform into healing and stop the 'curse' that has been happening for a long time. We have the opportunity now to stop the curse and create a healthy future for the next generations to come. We are the ones that we have been waiting for literally. How cool is that? It makes me boogie, really! YAY!

Not everyone has to go through suffering. We all chose different paths before we entered this physical world.
That doesn't make one more spiritual than the other. It just is what it is...

Now don't you feel blessed to be living in these amazing times and be the ones that change the curses of history?
Many of us feel this!!! It is so empowering!

Yes physical world might seem lost, just observe what's happening in the world: insanity, wars, massive sleep, mind control, pollution of our skies, earth, water, fire, manmade and natural disasters, GMO foods, etc.

In spite of this craziness there are so much LOVE, AWAKENING and high vibrations.

Women working together - feminine energies entering Earth

Feminine energies are coming to our planet even stronger than ever.

There are so many women coming together and do work on physical, astral even dream levels.

These women had it and say: 'enough is enough', we don't need another war, we want the truth, no more secrets, no more masks. We want peace, we want healing, we want good healthy foods, clear skies, clean waters, we want our children to be safe, we want integrity, we want love. Men who are in tune with these loving energies open their heart and through women energies also open their intuition. Balance is key. Masculine and feminine working together in sync is the way.

Remember: do not be afraid. Fear is a product of not knowing. Know that transformation happens - a good one.

We are birthing ourselves in new beings of radiant light.

Love and Blessings,
Lilly Natures Blessings
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