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The month of Esfand/the month of Love ('ishq)

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:02 pm    Post subject: The month of Esfand/the month of Love ('ishq) Reply with quote

This was an interesting Post on the Ayahuasca forums:
original source:

It is the beginning of the final month of Esfand in the ancient Persian solar calendar and also the beginning of the the final month of Love ('ishq) in the thirteen month N.U.R. calendar of the Fatimiya. As both calendars operate on the conception and apperception of Time and Space being hypostases and so Divine Angelophanies, this month of Esfand is dedicated in the Mazdaean/Zoroastrian scheme of things to the Archangel of the Earth Spendarmat (Avestan) or Esfandmorz (Pahlavi). In the N.U.R. calendar this month is likewise dedicated to the Angel of the Earth Who is known as Hana'il (pronounced hanaa'eel or hanaa'yil) in the N.U.R.-Fatimiya scheme of things. Hana'il in the older Hebreo-Islamic angelology was the angel associated with Venus (being its planetary Intelligence). With us it is the Earth (i.e. the Venetian-Sophianic Earth, that is). The spelling of this Angelic Name is also slightly different with us with the gematria/abjad of our spelling being 98 which is equivalent to illa Allah (except the Godhead, i.e. the phrase of affirmation) as well as the phrase Hiya Haykal Hayy (She is the Living Talisman/Temple). With the Fatimiya there is also a special, holy place associated with this Angel, a place where I took our dear moderator Kiara to see recently.

In Mazdaeanism/Zoroastrianism the holy plant Esfand (syrian rue), and so the Haoma, are specifically sacred to the Archangel Spendarmat/Esfandmorz. As such the next 28 days until March 19/20 are considered an especially auspicious time to engage with the Esfand.
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