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The Power of Cosmic Laws

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:23 pm    Post subject: The Power of Cosmic Laws Reply with quote

The Law of Words of Power

"There are words (symbols) that are able to change the inner and/or outer realities of those using/perceiving them. These words do not necessarily need to be consciously understood by those using/perceiving them in order to have their effect." The basis of these words of power, or mantras lie in their vibrational value, in the structural energy-pattern that they form through the enunciation of them, and the way that these vibrations and energy-pattern affect our bio-field, internal organs, and environment.

That sound vibrations may form into patterns may be demonstrated by placing a plate of glass on a pedestal and sprinkling fine sand on the glass, one can manifest the patterns of the vibrations by drawing a violin bow on the edge of the glass plate and cause the vibrations to flow across the surface of the glass thereby arranging the sand in various forms and patterns. The formation of intricate patterns of snow flakes are also the result of "sound," or vibration.

The vibrational value is just one aspect of the power of mantras; another view is that these words have accumulated power through their use and attention over thousands of years. From this perspective, mantras through their constant use, are imbued with a certain consciousness and acquire a certain existence in the higher dimensions. The use of them puts one into contact with their intrinsic mother-power bestowed upon them by the mind of beings who have used them throughout the ages. Through its use mantras become more and more powerful.

One of the notions concerning words of power is that there is an intrinsic primordial connection, a resonance, between these words and the forces or concepts they represent that goes beyond human design. "Many people believe this about Sanskrit, claiming that it is the original root language of humanity." The same principle applies to the Arabic alphabet where each character is supposed to represent a khodam, or angelic spirit being and its power. Repeated enunciation, or chanting of the characters of the alphabet supposedly evokes the spirit beings which resonates with them.

From the above we can see that in some ancient traditions and languages, the occult power and value of sounds were embodied in or represented by the characters of their alphabet. The knowledgeable one would know how to arrange these characters/sounds to manipulate nature's forces for the desired effects.

The Law of Magical Names

In magical systems of symbolism, "a name is the thing named." "This is to say that, in some way, there is an analogical correspondence between the name and the thing named. There is a connection created by shared structure," a certain resonance.

"To know the true name of a person, place, or thing is to have complete control over it. Of course, you could never command something to do anything which was not in its nature. To know a thing's true name is to know its nature. What most people consider to be a name is really, in the magical sense, only a label." One's true name is related to the vibrational value, or the frequency of one's Soul-Self.

The Law of Group-Consciousness

An individual has power to transform his personal reality, but a group of individuals possess the power to transform a collective reality by working together for a common purpose. There is more power working in numbers than when working solitarily. Reality may be shared with others--one's experiences, circumstances, and conditions may be adopted by others as their own. A single person may fail to save his nation from catastrophe, but by working with others the impending catastrophe may be eradicated.

For instance, in the Old Testament there is this story of Sodom and Gomorrah. The inhabitants of these twin cities were degenerated. One day God visited Abraham and expressed his intention of destroying them. Abraham then started bargaining on their behalf. The bargain ended by God acquiescing to Abraham's plea that if 10 good men were found He would not destroy those cities.

This tale demonstrates the law that if a group of men were to gather together for a common purpose and work some changes, whether physically or metaphysically, dire predictions of calamities may be withheld from manifestation and destroyed before they out picture in the physical world.

The prayer of a single person may have the power to affect two persons, the prayers of two individuals may affect 4 people, the prayers of three individuals affect 8, and so on. Each time the power is multiplied by two and grows in momentum. Dispensations from the Lords of Karma may give our prayers the power of 4, 8, 10 or more.

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