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Stop blaming God!

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Woman Warrior

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 8:09 am    Post subject: Stop blaming God! Reply with quote

Well here I am talking about God again. But I have to. Seems the BS "NEWS" will have a special report on the weather and natural disasters and the implicated allegedged victim doing this is "God". Yeah he just sits there on his throne and just says who am I going to smite this week or day. Cause things are happening more frequently. If you haven't noticed.

The BS media usually picks on you when no one can answer them back in 3D. God is everywhere but doesn't do interviews if you've noticed. So he's fair game for the dark hearts.

Ok. Now pay attention. Who has had influenza from the beginning the dark hearts and then they exported it to all the natives around the world that way conquering the world would be easier. The pharoahs with their hardcore priets also did conjure up some manipulated stuff as well as the Kabbalists with their uterring of formulas. Also forgot to mention those Atlanteans and their manmade crystal machines that blew everything up. So you see where I'm going with this. Oh don't forget all that stuff that happenend to those people way back when was "Gods'" fault. Smitting was a big deal back then. Actually still is if you listen to those fake spiritual brokers.

Now lets get to the present time and see who or what we have here. Hmmm. Yeah HAARP, CHEMTRAILS, ELF, EARTHQUAKE MACHINES, BOMBS, WEIRDO VIRUSES (that keep popping up especially when you see those guys in their chemsuits killing everything in sight cause it's contaminated), UNDERWATER SONAR MACHINES, the list goes on. You get my drift.

What do all of these things have in common (come on use your noodle (brain or senses). They were all MANMADE. Who made all these machines. God didn't just show up one day and say oh by the way I got a new machine for you to try out. So you can make a mess of things right here on this beautiful planet of yours.

Not "God made" God did not make you do anything. He has given you freewill and then you made bad decisions on your own and made destructive things happen and you never fess up to your bad decisions and then if you're cunning enough you blame it on "God".

It was a natural disaster that has never been seen before. Especially when you plaster it on the news saying this big ol hurricane is coming catagory 4 or 5 in a matter of days or your region is overdue for a earthquake and next thing you know your house is doing the shakes. Or the bird virus is hop skipping the globe faster than you can say "sucker". Listen all you got to do is connect the manmade dots.

So you see I had to stick up for God. God doesn't do these horrible things. It's just the dark hearts that have wheeled and dealed us into extinction with our sleeping consent.

Next time you see a preacher talking about the end times it's not God who is directing the next big disaster scene it's just the power brokers wanting complete control of the movie. And folks we all have big parts in it. Cause we are letting it happen. The contract is right there for you to null and void. The only truthful contract is with God. The infinite power of love God. Not some made up reptile beast thinking it's GOD.

Oh by the way if this movie bombs. It's not Gods fault. It was manmade.

Take care,
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