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The Fact that Faeries Do exist

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 4:07 am    Post subject: The Fact that Faeries Do exist Reply with quote

Two years ago, I had my first ever encounter with an Faery Being for the first time in my 45 years of existance.
I also happen to have Orgone in the area where I had this wonderful encounter-- a nice cone Tower Buster right near our outside bathroom window.

A month prior, I had spoken to two Native American women who had experiences with the Faery- who they described as very sensitive Beings that minister to the plant and animal life unseen by our human eyes.

As I am a Christian in progress , I didnt know what to make of their testimonies, so at the advice of a Christian friend, I put the matter before Jesus in prayer and asked if He would allow me to meet one of these "Nature Guardians" if they exist. Well one month later, on 5/31/08, after a huge family argument that really made me depressed, that following Monday I found myself face to face with a small Faery-like Being who was resting in a section of my hair looking at me with total empathy -- and sharing my sadness from the family argument.

I looked at her in shock, and noticed that she didnt know I could see her. After I gawked at her for about a minute, she realized I was staring at her, and she then dissapeared. I sent her a mental apology for making her feel embarrassed at me gawking at her.

She had light cocoa brown skin with totally all dark chocolate eyes that were tilted up a bit and wideset. She had high brow bones and delicate eyebrows, nose, mouth and chin. Her eyes had no irises but were all shiny dark chocolate brown. She had a sense of royalty about her and also simplicity and humility. She was very peaceful and gentle. When she noticed I could see her , she actually had a shy "uh oh" look on her face --then quickly dissapeared in thin air.-- but I still felt her energy there.

I will never forget that encounter-- I never expected that Faeries actually existed and was never taught that they did. Apparantly we can't put all that God creates in a box- religions don't explain ALL that is out there and who works on the side of Light, all that He created before He created humanity.

I do believe some of these Beings may also work for diabolic forces as well- as all intelligent life has a choice which side they will gravitate towards. The Being I saw face to face definitely was a positive Being. My depression lifted with my encounter with her.

I immediately set about making a faery garden and really getting more pro-active in cleaning up litter around my area, saving baby tree saplings, showing more respect to wildflowers I used to consider weeds, etc.. I found a new love for Nature after my encounter knowing that these Beings actually DO exist after all. With my new zeal, I figured I could make some impression on them.

Then a few weeks later after this, right before waking up to get ready for work, I heard a woman sing this verse to me: "you are helping the flower to seed; all things are precious"

What encouragement to me!! I think we humans really have to get with the program on this planet- we are so wrapped up with the economy and lifestyles that we forget what really counts on this Earth- What real gifts we were given by our Creator-- the beauty in Nature, wild animals , insects, etc.. All creation is precious but mankind ends up raping these gifts instead of coexisting with them, loving them and being caretakers of them.

I am extreemly thankful for my encounter with this Faery Being. I don't know what type of Being she was-- maybe a Pixie or a Brownie? I dont' know, but she was beautiful and I will never forget her. As I mentioned, right near the window where I saw her resting in my hair was a nice size coned shape Orgone tower buster ..
Also , I noticed that on the Warrior Matrix forum some months ago, one of the members there actually accidentally photographed some Faery Beings flying in the air over a gifted area that they had placed some Orgone-- So I do get the feeling that the Faery like when we gift areas and spread positive energy like this .

They also wish we humans would also pick up our trash throughout the natural areas, and do our physical part as they do thier ethereal part for Creation.

I'm having a hard time posting an picture that looks very much like her on this post, so here is a link to a forum where I use a signature picture that looks like her:

Just look for any post on that link made by "Lisa Grey Eyes" and check the signature picture on the bottom. that picture looks very similar to the Being I saw-- only in that painting, the Being's eyes are shut and her head is down.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

How beautiful!!! YAY! Congrats on your new friendship! Very Happy

I love your story, experience... and I so appreciate you sharing it with us as some people don't share for the simple reason of not being ridiculed, however we are living in amazing times where spirits show themselves to us because we are ready to embrace their help and knowledge. We learn so much from the nature...

She has helped you lifted your sadness, hasn't she? How cute!

I have had similar experiences, with the spirits of the trees and plants and very powerful experiences , quite shocking as you mentioned with the undines (the spirits of the water) in Philippines.

Yes totally agree some spirits are not so friendly, however is we open our hearts to receive the good ones show themselves to us and help us grow spiritually and evolve. Their communication is not a well known language, its the language of the heart. Fortunately the world is slowly opening heart's intelligence and spirit realms reveal themselves to human.

They LOVE orgone, because of it's high and spiritual vibes and they love playing in this field.

How beautiful, she is so cute!
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Woman Warrior

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:19 am    Post subject: Pictures of Faeries Reply with quote

I have pictures of some...

One of my DJ friends from the UK...

Close up of it...

Uploaded with


I have more too. Have to search look for them...
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