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The Second Sun (Two Suns, Twin Sun)
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

thank you for putting this info up.
Today we went to the park, and noticed the sky full of chemtrails and also noticed under the fake clouds produced by chemtrails there was something very bright that to me looked like second sun you mentioned, less brighter then the sun though surrounded by a rainbow. It looked weird, as it was pretty bright, so I was getting that the chemtrails were more hiding that second sun energy.

Doing some brainstorming and boosting with Yasmine we came to the conclusion that this second sun has the energy of the Planet X or Nibiru, or whatever is called and we want to organize a group boost to ask the other elementals in particular orbs to boost with us and balance the energies of the upcoming years (2011, 2012)... and also this unknown planet, second sun or whatever energy....

we need to raise our own vibrations and stay in that vibe so we can be a conduit for others that can raise it too... it all begins inside us...
there are still a lot of people out there that are spiritually sick (arrogance, pride, ego, skepticism) and that interferes with the mass cosmic consciousness thatís why its not a good idea to spread more fear, instead use the forces of nature to work with and not against it...

Chemtrails boosting definitely works, it has been over hundred times that I have used boosting on those and after few seconds the trail disappeared. That tells me that everything they spray is vibrational and can easily be canceled by our high vibrational thoughts - thatís what boosting is. Just imagine teaching tons of people boosting, they donít even need to know what they are boosting, just show them MAGICK, how you make a TRAIL (you donít have to tell them what it is) disappear!!! They all will want to do that magic trick to impress others, right? So this way we have others doing good without even knowing what they do ...mass awakening will happen after!!!

So lets go out and teach others our magic trick on making trails dissapear, any teachers out there? Wink

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