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ten zillion chemtrails

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Joined: 15 Apr 2010
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Location: Eastern Connecticut

PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 6:33 am    Post subject: ten zillion chemtrails Reply with quote

We were on the go all day today. 9AM battle chemtrails at home, then went to yard sale at a friends a 10AM. Battle some more chemtrails, spew everywhere. Then 1AM off to sons acupressure therapy, battle more trails in southern CT, then music therapy, battle some more, then back up to eastern CT. Total trails - uncountable. Total hours fingers tingling - 8 hours. During the half hour drive home the sky turned to blue and sylphs. A MASSIVE trail laid, even my wife commented. I've never seen anything so big. So a full day of spraying and a full day of energetic and we won - its BLUE (the sky was previously all BLUE (with slyphs)-9 AM, then all WHITE-noon. So somehow they blast converted a whole entire blue sky to total whiteout but I kept battling back and got it turned back to all BLUE (with sylphs, massive massive sylphs everywhere everywhere - BATTLE - BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Now I get to do my long run tonight - 18 miles - 3 hours (I hope if I feel good). This is part of my marathon training, this week I did 49.5 miles and this evening will up it to 67 miles this week. So this is the marathon of our life. If they want to battle then they better battle. Some of us just dont give up. And I dont give up until either I finish it (the run) or the run finishes me. There is no stopping only the battle that never stops. I look forward to more. Bring it on. Thanks for the reminder (chemtrails) and the battle today. I live for this. Life is a struggle life is a fight. If we are not fighting we are not struggling and if we are not struggling we are not living. There is an end to physical resources but there is no limit to energy. Energy is limitness, infinite. Bring it on. I am waiting for more and this is a message of love from the Infinite.

And then after all that I have to think what did they accomplish. The spraying just stopped and the sky is all blue now with occasional sylphs. I am still here, I am drinking my glass of water and typing. Will go to a cookout tonight and look at the sky some more. Wait for some more trails (ha ha they are done (for the day)). But I am not. I never will be. Not until the end of my dying days. My hero is one ancient running legend. He made the world record in the marathon and in the hospital dying of cancer running in place with the doctor there beside him pleading to stop. He said if he was going to die he wanted to die running and he pretty much got his wish. Now that was someone who didnt give up until his dying days until his last fight until his last breath. Thats the kind of people, the kind of warriors we need in this world. Where impossibility means nothing. And to say something is impossible only simply fuels me. I am fueled by the cynicism, the cannots in and of this darn world, there is nothing but I CAN. Dont give up until we are at deaths door and dont give in. The hardest battles are in the mind and those are the ones we can win. If we can win the hardest battles we can win anything! Now do it and go kick some royal DOR''y BuTTTTT!!!
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