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Mission statement

The Women warriors website was created for the purpose of 'Uniting' people who are motivated by an ideology based on reclaiming the Planet Earth and renewing the covenant we took with our creator as soul beings, to follow his laws exclusively and establish a 'space' for free minded thought, to obtain a higher knowledge and understanding regarding matters relating to the ''Subtle Realms of Existence''.

The pursuit of knowledge being a supreme birthright as members of the Human race.

The term ''Warrior'' is used to describe the Aspirations by which we live, to defend Justice and Truth, through compassion, Love, courage, wisdom and intelligence.



Our plight is to Free the planet of pollution, including psychic pollution, unite others who feel compelled to do the same, and invite them to learn unique ways of taking back control of our lives and God given rights, until we enter a world where we are living in the natural state of harmony, and the balance in Nature has been restored.


We invite people to our forum if:
*they show a desire to neutralize all kinds of pollution including psychic pollution, mind control pollution, electromagnetic frequency pollution or
*are already actively "working" on with Love and/or
*“gift” people and the environment using orgone generators and/or
*boost and pray for healing the planet, people and nature and/or
*simply want to learn how to empower themselves, growing spiritually, developing their birth right "psychic abilities" and be part of our “team” to inspire others to make our planet a wonderful place to live.

We also encourage any free minded man or woman to read the articles and information posted, and boost and pray with us etherically. Please visit our boosting requests section, we try to post our boosting events whenever we feel it’s important.

Please feel welcome to ask any questions. WomenWarriors@thewomenwarriors.net

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  Educate-Yourself -The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought
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